Why it all matters

This is me...

See? I’m mostly normal. Mussed hair, goofy grin, refrigerator in the background with all the adorable family pics and vacation magnets.

I’m an every-day kind of girl.

But I’m an every-day kind of girl with a huge passion for purity.

Back when I was a teen with big writing dreams, purity was last on my list of writing topics. I was all about the romance, moonlight walks on the beach with the stud muffin of my dreams… you get the idea. Even the word “purity” made me cringe.

Oh, not that I didn’t appreciate the value, I just didn’t see it as my thing. Old fashioned. Prudish. Weird.

All of the things I most definitely was not.

I see things differently today. A total turnaround. I’ve discovered that purity isn’t remotely old-fashioned or prudish. Purity is an adventure, a way of life that brings unbelievable joy in such unexpected ways. Oh, I know that seems hard to believe, like just the kind of thing a good Christian woman is supposed to say.  But I speak from experience – lots of painful experiences and a whole slew of good ones. I’ve lived lousy values and I’ve lived pure devotion to a God I’m more and more crazy about every day. I’ve lived what works and I have the scars from broken choices that didn’t go so well.

I promise you that right here you’ll get the raw and real and powerful truth about pure living. How it’s so much more than saying “no” to sex. This will be a place to ask questions, share battle stories and grow together toward good things.

The Bible says, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

Wow. That’s big. See God? THE God of the universe that created the stars in the heaven and knows the hairs on your head?

I get excited about running in to local musicians. And we get to see God?

That’s worth everything.

So join me. This will be a ride. The kind of thing you won’t want to miss.

Subscribe to the blog, follow PureLoveLife on Twitter, and be a part of it. Ask  me questions, tell me your story. This is bigger than one person’s dream. This is about all of us – join me, and let’s see what God will do as we walk this road together.

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