Joe Jonas and his purity ring

I read something about Joe Jonas today.

I receive Google alerts on purity, and today I read an article on Joe, published by the Daily Fill. Here’s what I read:

Joe Jonas called into an Australian radio show to promote his first single “See No More,” and the show’s hosts straight up asked him about his old purity ring. The Jonas Brothers were once prominent champions of abstinence, and purity rings were a crucial part of their squeaky clean image. However, as Nick and Joe grew up they quietly slipped off their promise rings.

Joe has had a string of high profile girlfriends, and many fans seriously doubted that he remained pure in the eyes of God, as they say. Thanks to two obnoxious Australian radio personalities, now we have confirmation. So does Joe still wear his purity ring? Of course not, he’s 21!

Joe sounded cool and composed up until the hosts popped the question, at which point he started stuttering, choosing his words carefully.

“Oh, you know, I… That was something that we grew up with and just like anything I think you take some and leave some as you get older,” Joe replied. “I’m at a place in my life now where I’m making decisions on my own but I’m of course happy with the things I grew up with and I’m not ashamed of my past at all.”

In other words, can everyone please forget about that already? I’m not a teenage slave of the Disney company anymore.


I felt badly for Joe. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, so what happened? Did he decide that purity was old-fashioned? Or that the temptation was just too much too fight? I get that, actually. That’s pretty much what happened to me.

It was interesting when the reporter said, “Of course not, he’s 21!” Like once you hit 21, purity isn’t really the thing to do anymore. It’s important when you’re young, the right thing when you’re a tween, but hopelessly misfit-like when you pass 20.

I don’t think that’s true though. Yes, God wants teens to stay pure (for their best), but He’s also protective of those who are 21, 36 or 47 years old (for their best too).

And then the reporter finished the article with “In other words… I’m not a teenage slave of the Disney company anymore.”

But I don’t think it was Disney that called Joe to purity.

I think it was God, who loves him.

I don’t know Joe at all, but if I’d been in his shoes, I probably would have stuttered too. I used to hate it when people brought up stuff that was bugging me deep down. Of course, I could totally be reading too much into it, (he might have just choked on his Pepsi), but I wonder if, like me, he was kind of hoping he’d held on to some of those old-fashioned childhood values.

I’m not sure if Joe would want it, but I’m going to say a prayer that he slips that ring back on.

And that he feels (all the way to his toes) the crazy, powerful, amazing love that put it there in the first place.


  1. It is much easier for a young kid to say they will be pure and wear a ring, but as they become older adolescents, experience what society has to say about purity, see their own parents and peers step away from purity and feel their own needs, they tend to let the thought of purity fade.

    The Word of the Lord remains the same, no matter how old we are and He has to deal with sin in our lives. His love is unconditional and our love for him needs to be the same, which means submission to His will for us.

    It takes a much stronger teen with much stronger convictions and self respect to stand for purity these days and I applaud all of those teens who take this stand. Keep preachin’ in, Elsa and may God bless you greatly for it.

  2. rebecca swedblom says:

    Well said, I am going to add my prayers also. B

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