God thought about you today

He did it.

God told me how much He loves you.


So this is how it happened. I was out walking my dogs at the dog park after I finished working on edits for Pure Love, Pure Life.

I was talking to God (in my head – praying out loud around a bunch of dogs is just wacky). So I was praying about the book and how much I hope his love comes through in every page. I asked him, God, will you please (pretty please, with a cherry on top), let these girls, these women, know how much you love them in very real ways? When they look for you and talk to you, will you please show them your love in their every day lives?  Through a cool sunset or a song or some type of just-when-they-need-it kind of love?

I was getting choked up. Please, God.

And this is what He did:



It caught my breath. You love them, don’t you? More than their parents do, more than their best friends, more than anyone ever… you love them.

And then He did the double:


It’s okay, Lord, you don’t have to shout…

I felt his smile.

No matter where you are right now, no matter what you’re doing. Know that you are loved. So much.

He told me so.


  1. thank you for posting this! I really needed to hear that I am Loved!

  2. rebecca swedblom says:

    What a blessing you have been to me, I thank God for you and that you let Him use you as a vessel to get to me and remind me how great His Love me, little ole’ broken me and He loves me still. How awesome is that. He patches all my brokeness and shows me how much goodness He wants to bring into my life if I will simply open myself and fully trust in Him. He will for sure blow my mind with goodness and blessings.

  3. LivingForHim says:

    This made me cry. Thank you so much!♥

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