He didn’t miss a second…

God sees.

He saw your day today. He saw your heart. He saw your pain.

It didn’t go unnoticed.

Isaiah says that God rises to show you compassion.

He gets up off his throne and bends down to you. His heart breaks for your hurt. His arms ache to hold you.

God sees your desire to love him, your longing to do this life well. He knows it isn’t easy, that sometimes things get in the way or hurt crashes in or temptation sidelines your good intentions.

He loves you still. He finds you beautiful and valiant and captivating.

You won’t get everything right, but it will be okay.

Stand up. Wipe the dirt from your clothes and make your way to him. Take hold of his outstretched hand, let him wipe the tears from your face and help you to leave this thing behind.

He’s really good at that.

He loves you.

He sees.


  1. treeparker says:

    Exactly what I was saying today. Though I’m not as short with my words as you are!

  2. AWESOME reminder – I did the exact thing this morning and God was so sweet as He always is!!

  3. rebecca swedblom says:

    Thank you so much, I so needed to be reminded of all of what you wrote. Truths of our God.

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