Caution: Ice cream may stick to your lips

Check out the warning sign on the side of this truck:

Look close, it says: Caution: ice cream may stick to your lips

I can’t imagine a single child being remotely swayed by that. “Oh no, Mom, I better not get an ice cream today. My lips might stick and then what will I do?”

Here’s another sign that cracked me up:

It says: Don't let your dogs pee on my fence!

Can I confess something? I saw this sign and everything in me wanted to bring my dog over to that fence and encourage him to hike his little puppy leg. I know. I’m sorry. I’m a bad person.

And finally, this scene had my whole family laughing yesterday:

Check out the no smoking symbol on the air freshener

This is so life! And so human nature…

The same thing happens in the area of purity. How many times do we hear the cautions, see the signs and endure the lectures that encourage us to say “no” to everything impure… but have those things worked?

Purity is so much more than “NO!” It’s yes. It’s YES to an amazing God who loves us and has an incredible future in mind, it’s YES to a healthy marriage where sexuality is AMAZING, faithfulness is worth pursuing and exploring each other rocks – and it’s YES to God’s protection and love in calling us to these values.

Emphasizing rules just makes most people want to break them – or maybe I should speak for myself: Tell me what I can’t do and it seems like I want to do that very thing!

So how about we try something different?

Let’s remind each other that God is not a mean ol’ stick-in-the-mud who wants to rob us of fun.

He is loving and good and compassionate and strong and pure and wonderful.

Let’s sit in his love. Soak it up, drink it in, let it drench and drip down to our toes.

Will you let God love you today?

Then love him back.

Let that love stir you to follow him – to trust him and to believe that he has really amazing things ahead for you.

It’s not about the rules.

It’s all about the love.

Remember that today.

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